The Brew-House

On March 17th 2006 Cobra Lounge opened its doors. After 9 years of support from the greatest patrons and musicians from around the globe we are happy to announce the opening of the latest addition to the ever-growing development on Ashland & Fulton…… ALL RISE BREWING COMPANY

We’ve had 9 years to think about it, 2 years to build it, and on March 17th we are going to show Chicago what our hardworking and devoted staff have cultivated.

With Brewer Tommy Nicely at the helm ALL RISE is set to do its part with Cobra’s new Green initiatives. Recycling, locally sourcing product, and reducing our carbon footprint are all part of the plan.

After debuting at Riot Fest and giving people a taste of Wonder Beer, we are excited to be able to keep the beer flowing at our newly built Brew House. Tommy will be working to keep 12 house beers flowing at all times. Along with our Flagship WONDER BEER Tommy plans on giving us the best in all styles of beer. With specialty and seasonal beers popping up throughout the year ALL RISE is sure to have something for everyone.

So roll by and elbow up to the bar, grab a table with your friends in the new beer hall, or come by to check out some music in the live room. We hope the beer, food, music and great service will keep you coming back.

As our fearless leader Tommy would say, “BEER BEFORE LIFE”


The Beer-Hall

We are happy to bring you the new Beer Hall. Here at All Rise Brewing Co. our Brew House and Beer Hall are located in the newly constructed facility, the latest addition to the ever expanding Cobra Lounge development at Ashland and Fulton. With the owner digging into his Private collection finding what it takes to create a warm environment and great drinking hall. Just steps away from where it was brewed, we plan on offering 12 house beers, along with a collection of our favorite guest beers. Together with great cocktails, and great beer, you can pair off your drinks to a menu which offers only the best in locally sourced products, and grass feed meats. The beer hall can accommodate larger parties with a reservation. It is also available for private events.